DINEX DH 76 Truck Crane

Truck cranes are excellent tools for hauling large or oddly shaped items. For heavy lifting and transport needs, truck cranes will serve as powerful work tools. Most often, truck cranes are used to lift heavy storage bins, barrels or awkwardly shaped objects from ground level, to be stored and transported in the bed of a truck. A good quality truck crane mounts to the truck bed and is capable of safely lifting and moving loads that are 1,000 pounds. Choose from truck cranes that possess powerful winch motors, as well as cranes that rely on hydraulic power. DINEX DH 76 is designed as a high-performance Truck Crane with an excellent lifting capacity from 3T to 7T. Dinex Cranes are highlight for the optimal combination of power, performance and compact size truck cranes. Dinex Truck Cranes offer excellent deals and discounts on truck cranes.

General Overview

  • Precize load positioning
  • Boom telescoping sensor
  • Tensosensor
  • Multi-level safety system
  • Hook lifting distance limitation system
  • Additional winch
Mounting chassis ton Over 7 MT payload
Load capacity (6 sections respectively) kg/m Max. 6500/2.4 4060/3.9 2210/6.4 1495/8.8 1095/11.3 830/13.8 650/16.2
Max. side reach m 16.2
Max. lifting height m 18.9
Rated oil flow l/min 51
Rated oil pressure bar 200
Oil tank capacity l 160
Boom shape/sections Hexagonal/6
Boom raising/lowering speed deg/sec 0-80
Rotation speed rpm 2.0
Slewing angle deg 360 continious rotation
Winch 6х29хIWRC Ø 10mm Х 120m
Crane weight kg Appr. 3,200 (excluding subframe)
Safety devices Overload prevention device (automatic stop with alarm sound), winch over-winding prevention device, load indicator, hydraulic relief valve, hydraulic holding valve (boom extension, retraction, raising and lowering),outrigger jack check valve, winch auto brake, slewing reducer, hydraulic brake, hook safety link
Outrigger /span – m Horizontal/vertical auto extension 5.5

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