DH 105
Lifting Capacity 36ton.m
10.0 ton / 3.0 m
Section-wise rated Capacity 1st 5,605kg / 5.9m
2nd 2,912kg / 9.7m
3rd 1,918 kg / 13.4 m
4th 1,374 kg  /  17.2 m
5th 1,042 kg / 21.0 m
Maximum working Radius 21 m
Maximum working Height 24 m
Hydraulic Fluids Rated Flow (1,000 rpm) 164ℓ / min
Rated Pressure 210kgf/cm²
Boom Shape Hexagonal
Section 5
Structure 2 Cylinders + 2 Wires
Angle 0˚ ~ 80˚
Body Slewing speed 2 rpm
Outrigger Supply Scope Main: 2EA Rear : 2EA
Movement Horizontal  automatic
Vertical  automatic
Recommendable Truck Chassis (Payload basis) Over 11 ton

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