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DINEX CRANE company was established with the support of the Korean Crane Association (KCA), to unite the best of engineers with experience in the design of korean cargo cranes


Advanced technology combined with High quality


Only High quality materials and components


Optimal combination of Price and Technical parameters


Service warranty and Technical support

We are proud of our innovative technology and quality products provided for your attention!

The company "DINEX CRANE" has two factories for the production of cargo cranes, with a team total of about 250 people.

Facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment and include the design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly plants.
The company has a complete production cycle and able to produce all the components from the simplest components to the cylinder, in one place at one time, which not depend on the time of supply of components and fulfill commitments to customers on time.

TMC Advantages:

Faster vehicle load/uload process
Faster load delivery
Less vehicle units needed
Reduce the expense

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